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FreeStyle.Darknet – Theme for Freenet

FreeStyle.Darknet is a theme for FProxy, the webinterface of Freenet.

The anonymous Darknet Freenet did some big steps forward in the last months. With the nearly simultaneous releases of Freetalk (forums), Sone (Twitter-clone), Floghelper (blogs), jFniki (wiki) und WoT (anonymous spam-protection), Freenet mutated to an anonymous, decentralized, encrypted social network.

But because the project doesn’t have a designer, the antiquated themes stayed unattended.
That’s why I started developing “FreeStyle.Darknet”, a modern theme in HTML5 and CSS3. Since I started the development as an experiment, I stayed with CSS for now (themes for Freenet don’t allow HTML). But because of the incomplete number of ids and classes in FProxies HTML code, it didn’t prove easy. So the theme will only work in its full glory on a modern browser. But it should work with older browsers and adapt to only use the features available in the browser.

In the meantime I’m in contact with Toad (Matthew Toseland), the main developer of the Freenet project. The theme will possibly be bundled with FProxy as an official theme later. But we also talk about a complete rewrite of FProxies HTML output. If we go down that road, I will be part of the development.


  1. Download the theme: freestyle.darknet (WWW link) or  CHK@…/ (Freenet link)
  2. Extract the theme into a directory of your choicel (should be inside the Freenet directory, but doesn’t have to be)
  3. Make sure I didn’t include anything that could jeopardize your privacy: Open the CSS files and search for URLs. All included files should be in the same directory. The included fonts are the official Droid Sans font-face Kit from Fontsquirrel. Remember: Themes aren’t filtered by FProxy!
    3.5 – While you’re at it: On the top of the file are some Options, you can configure according to your choices. But better test the theme first to find out what they do.
  4. In FProxy open the advanced config for your webinterface: http://localhost:8888/config/fproxy?mode=2 (Freenet-Link).
  5. Search for “Override the CSS with a custom one (WARNING!)” at the top of the page and enter the whole path to the main CSS file: “PATH_TO_THEMES_DIRECTORY/freestyle.theme.fproxy.darknet.css” <- change that according to your system.
  6. After saving the configs, the theme should be active. But reload the browser on some page of FProxy to make sure, there aren’t any old styles in the cache.