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Hello World

It’s that time again… A new version of is needed.

  • The WordPress of the old site was so old, that death by hacker was just a matter of time.
  • The WordPress of the old site was so old, that I was too lazy to update the content anymore. Therefor the last entry was from January 2008.
  • The old site was a spammer-playground.
  • I didn’t like the design anymore for quite some time.

So before I keep adding reasons: It’s that time again.

After some planning, testing, experimenting with DrupalJoomla, some python based CMS and even the planning of an own system I went back to WordPress. On the one hand WordPress is very easy to get on the road quickly. On the other hand I didn’t work with it for a long time and wanted to see it’s evolution for the last years.

The localhost is running. The foundation is ready. Time for some coffee, a cigarette and a todo list. – The next generation

After the experiences with the community functions for, the owner of Net World Media and I immediately began planning a new project. should be a game site like, but build to be a community from the ground up. It should have all features users would expect from a modern community and more, like highscores for the games and a global leaderboard.

After some research we decided to to use Joomla and a bunch of modules and plugins. But because of the special requirements for this project many functions had to be developed first.

Eventually became a solid site, that found its place in the list of Germanys big flash game sites. – It can’t get any cheaper than free is a typical download portal mainly for free software.

Of course there are some features, that set it apart from other portals of that kind:

  • There’s a strong emphasis on free (FOSS) software, with special marking of open source software, links to the source downloads and infos about the licenses.
  • isn’t just about the few most used operating systems, but features software for every operating system out there, no matter how uncommon.

On this project I did the whole production: The programming, the design, the development of a corporate identity and so on. The software is based on Joomla, some special plugins for the management of portals und more, self-made functions. – A house in Meck-Pomm



The site is the presentation of a vacation home in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. The specifications for the project were: A “simple” site where all informations about the house are present on a single page. At the same time everything should look nice, but without being bloated by “too much design”.

So I started by writing everything down ordered and structured in a single XHTML strict document. After that I saved the parts of the page into different files, to add a simple admin backend later. As a last step I gave everything a nice design using CSS. I just love CSS! :)

A simple admin backend in PHP where the customer could edit the informations himself was the last step. – Games for your homepage



On you can create a code to include free online games in your homepage. It works on your own homepage, MySpace and everywhere else, where you are able to use HTML code.
Why don’t you give your nickpage visitors in you favorite community the option to play free online games? The code only has to be included once, after that the list of games gets updated automatically when new games are added to The genre of the games and all colors of the list can be personalized to make the list fit in your sites design perfectly. It can look like this:

In this project I was responsible for the whole software, meaning the code of the IFrame, the site, the pages where you can edit the code, the backend where the administrator can add new games, etc.

Or simply put: Everything but the design of and the games themselves is made by me. ;)