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The task of this project was the addition of some community functions to the biggest german flashgames site First the broken and outdated comment script had to be replaced. After that a forum and a chat had to be added.

To not reinvent the wheel a 1000th time we started by testing various systems. Eventually we went with the great TalkBack for the comments, PunBB for the forum and Blab! for the chat.

Of course multiple additions and changes were needed to wire everyting together and to use one login function for three programs. Also a connection to the Gravatar service had to be written first. And of course during the testing phase there were the usual little bugs and quirks overlooked beforehand.

But we ended up with a solid system that is used by thousends of users on a daily basis without any hiccup yet. – presentation of a vacation home



Die Seite is the presentation of a vacation home in Greven, Germany. Just like in the project the site should hold all informations about the home on a single site.

Because of the similarities of both project I used the same approach as in the other project:

  • Writing a single XHTML site
  • Cutting up the document to build an admin backend in PHP
  • Producing a design in CSS

The outcome is a slim, fast and nice looking site.

Magic Mountain CD

The task on this project was to produce a presentation CD for the climbing gym Magic Mountain. It is send to coporate customers in addition to printed material.

My jobs on the team were, aside from helping with the design, the production of background music tracks and the programming of some special functions.

There was for example a function to tilt and zoom 360° images and some other functions.

The whole design was realized in Adobe Director and the fuctions in Lingo. For the different background music tracks I used the great Jeskola Buzz.

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