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Hell has frozen over: BETA is here!

Of course the work needed much more time than expected. To bad nobody pays me to work on my own hompage. ;)

But now it’s done: The BETA of the latest version of is online!!!

Which version of the site it is – I have no idea. I stopped counting over the years…

I guess there will be some bugs left – it would be strange if there weren’t. So tell me via email or comment if you find anything. And if you just wanna tell me how great the site turned out, write too! :P

Timetravel is hard

After some work and many changes to the theme and the plugins the software is approaches my wishes step by step. Everything would be faster if I could just take things how they are…

But I guess that people who become coders are the ones that can’t just take things how they are. ;)

But it seems to be time to work on the content. The first step has to be the import of all the old entries from the previous Phatsonic. So for the time being the site will grow into the past instead of the future.

Well, what has to be done has to be done. And some tedious, but laid-back work is nice for a change.

Hello World

It’s that time again… A new version of is needed.

  • The WordPress of the old site was so old, that death by hacker was just a matter of time.
  • The WordPress of the old site was so old, that I was too lazy to update the content anymore. Therefor the last entry was from January 2008.
  • The old site was a spammer-playground.
  • I didn’t like the design anymore for quite some time.

So before I keep adding reasons: It’s that time again.

After some planning, testing, experimenting with DrupalJoomla, some python based CMS and even the planning of an own system I went back to WordPress. On the one hand WordPress is very easy to get on the road quickly. On the other hand I didn’t work with it for a long time and wanted to see it’s evolution for the last years.

The localhost is running. The foundation is ready. Time for some coffee, a cigarette and a todo list.